Wednesday, February 24, 2016

QuiltCon West 2016 - Pasadena

I signed up for QuiltCon West 2016 last June.  It seemed so far away at the time.  And here I am, home, and feeling like it passed by in a blur.  

I tried to take advantage of as much of the event as I could while I was there.  I went to lectures, demos, and classes.  I walked the show (twice) and of course, I shopped.  But I also connected with SO many other quilters.  Made new friends, and had lunch one friend I hadn't seen in something like 5 years.  It.was.awesome.

I am going to do a separate post about the classes I took, but the show was amazing.  These photos are not nearly all of them, and I realize that ones I took of Melissa Averinos' "Best in Show" quilt, are on my phone, so those will have to come another time as well.

This is intended to be eye-candy for those who couldn't attend.  I'm sure you've seen lots of them already on Instagram or Twitter, but these are the ones that called to me to have their pictures taken.


Amazing hexy quilt by Nicole Daksiewicz - of Modern Handcraft fame

2nd place winner - Double Wedding Ring - Tara Faughnah

First place winner - Handwork - Places Unfold by Heidi Parkes

Amazing Carolyn Friedlander "Everglade"

BRAND NEW Jungle Abstractions quilt by Violet Craft - elephant

Jungle Abstractions Quilt by Violet Craft - giraffe - this is on my "must make" list

Jungle Abstractions by Violet Craft - Lion, in a very cool alternative color-way

MY FAVORITE FOR THE WHOLE SHOW - the colors, the plaid, it's perfect

Amazing mermaid dress in the Michael Miller booth

Entry in the Charity Quilt challenge

Entry in the Charity Quilt challenge

Entry in the Charity Quilt challenge - Love this one, structured, but obviously improv

Better Together by Laura West Kong, won a judges choice award and 3rd in the Michael Miller challenge

EZ Triangle Challenge - 1st Place winner - Mickey Beebe

EZ Triangle challenge - 2nd place "Catnado" (the tornado is all cats!) - Karen Duling

Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill's (Whole Circle Studio - she had FIVE quilts in the show!) entry in the Michael Miller challenge

3rd place - Pieceing - Diamonds #2 - Tara Faughnan

Piecing - 2nd Place - Pointed Statement by Amy Friend

One of the smaller number of quilts with a strong color (not black or white) background

Piecing - 1st place -Under the Radar by Corinne Sovey

My absolutel favorite palatte!  Navy, orange and grey!

Forest Abstractions by Violet Craft

1st Place - Modern Traditionalism - Whimsical Logs - Letitia Chung

Kim Kight taking a photo of a quilt using her Scorecard Fabric from her Lucky Strike line

Berry Hunt by Elisa Sims Albury - this is the modern bear paw quilt in Michele Muska's Quilting the New Classics

Version of a scrappy trip-a-along

SO LOVE the use of Alison Glass' Handcrafted line in this quilt

Not a lot of bright yellow in the show so this really stood out