Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vacation = Four Projects at Once

So I didn't get to post anything last week because I was on vacation, and I purposefully didn't take a laptop with me. I wanted to at least "try" to unplug a little bit. I did have my phone, and I did Tweet. But no surfing, no blog reading, and no shopping.

The results were excellent if I do say so myself. I managed to finally bind my first quilt, sew a skirt with some Timber fabric I bought last winter at Purl Soho, work on my applique rug, AND start cutting for my second quilt.

I'll post pics of the other projects as I move them along, but here is my binding...I would LOVE comments about what method people use to sew the back shut. I tried a simple slip stitch, but I couldn't get it neat enough, and it looked like the gaps were just too here's what I went with.

I love how it looks from the front, and I'm ok with how it looks on the back. I'm anxious to get started on my second one though, to see if I can improve my technique.

I also managed to get in lots of fun with the kiddos, and go on a whale watch with them. We saw around 20 whales, and one group that included 3 generations, something they said was happening more and more frequently now, as the whale population gets a bit stronger.

AND I managed to find this pic of my Castle Peeps bag from Quilt Market, as it went on it's first whale watch! Thank you Lizzy!

The next day we got to visit the fabulosity that is Yummygoods, and our Unicorn Queen, Melissa Averinos. The kids were not very compliant, so I only got to chat with Melissa for 10 minutes or so. But let me tell you, if you have a chance to go, RUN, don't walk, to Yummygoods. She has wonderful, unique stuff. We did not leave empty handed!

We had a wonderful trip, and I can't wait to tell you all more about my projects. What I'm hoping to finish next is a floor rug that I'm making with Bari J's adorable Art Journal Fabric. Stay Tuned!


SarahB said...

What a fun vacation!

For binding I use the ladder stitch. You basically hold the needle parallel to the binding and wiggle it side to side picking up a bit of the binding then a bit of the backing, a few stitches loaded on the needle each time. Here's a nice visual tutorial:

Sara said...

I use the slip stitch as well,but my stitches are 1/2" or so apart. Also, maybe if you use clips too it will help you to keep the binding in place more securely. (Need to get some of those myself) Hope this helps as I am not very good at teaching, better at learning! You will get it though--don't worry. There are some good hand stitching videos on Monkey see too.

Jessica Levitt said...

I want to see the skirt!
Also I sew the binding on by machine...even the back. Not a popular choice, I know. I fold it over and use binding clips to hold it. Then stitch-in-the-ditch from the front. The key is to make sure your overlap is just the right amount (I cut 2 1/4'' strip for double fold with a 1/4'' seam) and keep it evenly folded around as you sew. If you're not careful you'll go off the back edge without knowing it and have to rip it out.

restitcherator said...

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I am making good progress cutting the next quilt.

Jessica - I will be sure to blog about the skirt, I am SUPER happy with how it came out and the pattern looks great.