Friday, March 11, 2011

Dream Come True...Sewing Room Clean Up

So the pictures were tough to take, because, well, because it's a tiny hole of a room in my basement that had a single bulb to light it. These are the before pictures of my sewing room. It's emptied out for our super-de-duper general contractor to come and spruce it up. Note the HORRIBLE brown ceiling tiles. YUCK!

I had originally intended on going with lots of color and a full on "studio" re-do. However, while I was waiting for the contractor to be available, we decided to finish our attic into a master bedroom. So....that means that I'll have a real upstairs room to sew in sometime this year, and I wanted to keep the cost of this room to a minimum. The reason I decided to go ahead and finish it at all is because we live in a 1929 Tudor, and are VERY short on storage. People just didn't have big closets then. So when I move upstairs later this year, this will become a legitimate storage area/closet. It was so dusty and dirty before...pretty much unusable for anything not in boxes or plastic bins.

But now...

Note the super bright white walls. There's even crown moulding! I hung one thing, it's a piece of art my dear friend Kari gave me for Christmas (she is an amazing cupcake maker, see Sweet Emotions). You can also see my stack of blocks for my Flipside Quilt. One piece left and I can sew them into rows.

I can now press where I sew, which means awesome time savings. I cannot wait to fill up the shelves with my fabric in an organized way...they had literally just been stacked and thrown in before.

Now I will grant you, this is super basic, but it is the Taj Mahal compared to how it used to be. The light alone makes me want to go down and sew. Like right now!


Scott at the Blue Nickel said...

good lighting and cheer make the world of difference!! congrats!!

Betz White said...

Awesome! The difference is night and day...which is probably when you'll want to be in there sewing. :)

Jamie Wood said...

Great makeover! This will make all the difference for you. Great lighting and more space...woohoo!

Jamie Wood said...

Great makeover! This will make all the difference for you. Good lighting and more space...woohoo!