Sunday, April 10, 2011

Catching up - Starry Night BOM x 2

So as part of my unintentional hiatus in March, I didn't do my BOM projects. I had both March and April's blocks to do, so I got right to work this weekend. I actually did these two blocks simultaneously, so it felt like I was getting a lot done in short time.

Here is one...

I wasn't thrilled with my points on this one. For some reason, I find that this black is a bit slippery, and that it's really hard to make super straight 1/4" seams.

This is the other (April's Block) and I think that because it's more of the two main colors, I was really able to get my seams nice and straight, and my points nice and sharp. What do you think??

Here are the two of them together. I should maybe take another photo of the 10 I have done so far. Only May and June and I'll have all of the main blocks done.

I need to make 13 of the filler blocks, and I've only done 2 so far.

In other daughter DID NOT like the laminate I chose for her raincoat, so I'll have to find another use for that great polka dot. In the meantime I'm going to take what was to have been the lining and make her a dress.

Do you have any projects that use laminate that you love? What are they? I need to find a use for this great dot.


Peggy said...

Have you been using your Go! cutter to cut for these blocks? I have used mine for the past 2 months and loved the results.

restitcherator said...

Holy cow Peggy it didn't even occur to me to do that! I'll have to use is for May & June.