Saturday, March 5, 2016

QuiltCon 2016 Classes and Demos - Alison Glass Appliqué & Heather Jones Improv Pineapple

One of the things that I loved about QuiltCon were the fantastic lectures and demos.  There were demos going on at the back of the show all day, and I saw one with Alison Glass, where she talked about appliqué and reverse appliqué techniques.  Appliqué is one of those things that has always scared me.  So much fine detail and my handwork leaves a lot to be desired.  I'm sure this is because I don't do it enough, but I'm now motivated to try some. 

Alison Glass with one of her "Fountain" reverse appliqué quilt from her book

Alison Glass with a partially finished Appliqué Quilt
The quilt in the photo below (the image is from literally took my breath away.  She held this one up too, but I was so taken with it, I didn't even get a good enough picture to share.  I couldn't find the pattern anywhere once I got home, so I emailed Alison directly to plead with her to help me find it.  She was incredibly kind and gracious (as usual) and told me that her plan was to have it available by late April or May.  I will be making this one for sure.

Image taken from of an appliqué quilt pattern coming this spring

The full day class that I took was an Improv Pineapple quilt with Heather Jones.  This was her quilt made with the Denyse Schmidt solids box for the Modern Solids Traditional Inspiration Quilt Challenge.  It is just so beautiful in person and the photo doesn't nearly do it justice.  This is the technique she taught. 

Like appliqué, improv is not something I'm comfortable with, which is why I took the class (besides the fact that I LOVE Heather's work).  It was big stretch for me to cut a quilt with no rulers.  Heather teaches you how to make what resembles a traditional pineapple block using strips and triangles.  If you're interested, she has this class available on Creativebug as well.

Heather Jones Improv Pineapple Quilt
This is the design wall with the student examples.  As you can see, no two are alike and the look, while similar in style, is actually really varied.  The twisty block, third from the top in the far left row...yeah, that's mine.  It is the perfect embodiment of my linear thinker right brain fighting wildly against the left brain, creative draw to make something imperfect.  Push.  Pull.  I got a crazy twist that I probably couldn't do again if I tried.

Student Improv Pineapple work
A few of the students in the class were experienced Improv piecers.  Check our their amazing fussy cut centers and cool mix of patterns and colors.  The one red triangle in the lower right block just knocked my socks off.  It looked so cool and unexpected to me.

Student Improv Pineapple with Fussy Cut Centers

As soon as I got home from QuiltCon, the next morning, I finished my blocks and sewed them together.  I'm leaving this only four blocks because I want to hang it on my sewing room wall to remind me to loosen up a little.  Relax.  Enjoy the process.

My Improv Pineapple wth green solid and a Denyse Schmidt Shelbourne Falls navy print

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