Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Out of This World!

I found this wonderful flannel fabric a few weeks ago and have been working on this since then.  It has aliens and space ships, and really great colors.  Including orange, which is my absolute favorite.  (Side note, what does it say about me that orange is my favorite color?)

The blanket itself is actually pretty basic.  Felted sweaters, cut into squares or rectangles, with little patches on top in random places, and my friendly alien in the upper left corner.  Much to my dismay, neither of my usually camera-hoggish kids would pose with the blanket, so I was left with Stella (the doll) as my model.

My wonderful, patient photographer-husband let me try all different things to get the pictures how I wanted them...The last two pictures are ones that I took, just so you can see the whole thing and the great fabric on the back.


SweetEmotions said...

I looove this one!! Did you update the antennae so they didn't look like eyes?
Regardless, it looks awesome either way. So fun, and non-generic looking. Love it, love it.

Unknown said...

Yes, this is the version with the "repaired" eyes. :) Ben wants it very badly.