Saturday, December 3, 2016

NOW what do I do? Plus quilt that's already almost 2 years old

I've seen a million plus style quilts.  I've seen scrappy ones, and modern looking ones.  I've seen them with lots of space between the pluses and no spaces at all.  I bought this pattern in 2014.  Yes, that's right.  2 years ago and then some.  One holiday vacation, I did all of the cutting.  I posted pics of the tiny pieces on my Instagram feed.  That was December 2014.  Next week, it's December 2016.

Great, simple Plus Quilt pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew

Every time I get a break between projects, I go back to it.  I was doing 10 blocks at a time.  I could crank them out in about an hour and 15 minutes.  But I didn't really seem to be making a dent in how many I needed.  My eyes were WAY bigger than my stomach, and I cut enough fabric for a twin size quilt.

That's right.  149 blocks.  

So, in my new line of thinking, which is to say, DONE is better than BIG, I looked at the pattern and lo and behold, if I made all of the blocks, I'd have enough for THREE baby size quilts, and I could make two of them, RIGHT NOW.

That, my friends, is appealing.  Then I think, would I really want three quilts that are pretty much the same?  They WOULD make awesome baby gifts.  

Now I can't decide.  Do I forge on?  For another year?  And make the twin?  Or do I give myself a little satisfaction and put together the two baby tops I have enough for now, and work on the 3rd (which will seem VERY achievable) in the future?

20 of my not yet near 149 blocks 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Do you like scrappy or do you like order?

I have a dilemma.  I've had these 128 HSTs that were saved as the cut aways from another project.  When I made the quilt, I (and this NEVER happens) had the presence of mind to save the castaways and sew them together.  It's been a while...they have been sitting among the precuts in my stash for close to 18 months.  But they keep calling to me.  And I want to actually make something with them.'

There are 8 prints from a Joel Dewberry line called Modern Meadow, and this great teal/turquoise linen.  

8 different prints, 16 of each
I figured out that I have 16 of each print, which is serious coincidence, or luck or something like that. So I decided I love this diamond ring block and I have enough of each print to make 8 blocks like this.

16 HSTs make one block
BUT, they can also be laid out with a scrappy look, using two of each print for the 16 pieces needed.

Scrappy version

Here's the thing, I think I like the scrappy better, but the linear thinker in me is kind of into the whole blocks in each print.

What would you do???

Saturday, November 19, 2016

2016 Denyse Schmidt Studio Sale

Denyse Schmidt's Studio sale was last weekend, and I was actually able to make it there!  I have wanted to go for years, and it did not disappoint.

It was set up beautifully, and of course, I pretty much wanted to buy everything.  The President of my MQG had helped to set up for the sale and told us about all of the amazing things she helped pull together.

There were some original quilts for sale, patterns, books, and of course, fabric.  The displays were simple, but so appealing, like these bundles set up in a vintage suitcase.

Presentation was lovely!

This is a wider shot of what the tables of fabric looked like.  Everything was tied with little bits of ribbon or strips of fabric. There were all of her different lines, some odd end of bolts and even solids you can see behind the suitcase.

I wanted to take home everything!
I got one bundle, I am super into lime and navy these days, of course my perennial favorite orange, and yes, that is almost a full bolt of slate grey.  It was 12 yards for something like $35.  I was NOT about to leave that behind.

My treasures

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Guest Tutorial on Sew Mama Sew - Little Boy Blue Baby Quilt! + GIVEAWAY!

Here is my secret sewing project from the last 2 weeks!  I did a guest tutorial for Sew Mama Sew and you can find it here:

Finished baby quilt is 33/5" x 38.5"

I love all of the amazing content and inspiration available on Sew Mama Sew.  Hop on over and check it out!

To celebrate, I am having a giveaway!  Just leave a comment below, saying that you've signed up to follow my blog here, or my Instagram feed at "restitcherator".

The giveaway is for a gorgeous Denyse Schmidt Charm Pack in her Hadley line, and a spool of variegated Aurifil thread!

A random winner will be chosen on April 22nd!  Good luck!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

St.Patrick's Day Saddle Pad - Custom Sewn for Schooling Show

I'm finally in that place as a sexist where I feel like I can crank something out if I want to.  This week I did that to make my daughter a St. Patrick's Day themed saddle pad for a schooling show at her barn.  There is a "Costume" class at the end of the show where the riders get to dress themselves (and their horses!) up for fun.

I hate to admit it, but I bought the plaid fabric at Hobby Lobby...I knew it would get beat up, and got the fabric for a steal.  I did however, decide to put some Annie's Soft & Stable in for the padding, which worked MUCH better than batting.  I contemplated actual foam, but I couldn't find any thin enough that it wouldn't look bulky.  The Annie's worked like a charm.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope this Saddle Pad is lucky!!

Used some leftover backing fabric from my stash for the other side

Friday, March 11, 2016

Magic Show by Villa Rosa in Purebred

One of the great parts of QuiltCon 2016 were the vendors.  I bought a lot of great stuff, but I didn't go too crazy, it all fit into my suitcase (which weighed 49 pounds at check-in YEAH!).

I bought this adorable kit at Villa Rosa's booth.  It is for their Magic Show pattern, made with Purebred fabric.  Big surprise...I saw horses and had to buy the fabric.  

It went together in a flash, literally.  I made this in about an hour and fifteen minutes.  The fabrics on the pattern were for another line, so I got to choose which fabrics went in which places.  Funny, after I made it, I went on to the Villa Rosa website and they had this kit for sale, and they had put the fabrics in the same places!

Can't wait to get this one quilted and into my daughter's hands.  

Quilt measures 45" x 62"

Detail of some of the horses in the paint by number print

Saturday, March 5, 2016

QuiltCon 2016 Classes and Demos - Alison Glass Appliqué & Heather Jones Improv Pineapple

One of the things that I loved about QuiltCon were the fantastic lectures and demos.  There were demos going on at the back of the show all day, and I saw one with Alison Glass, where she talked about appliqué and reverse appliqué techniques.  Appliqué is one of those things that has always scared me.  So much fine detail and my handwork leaves a lot to be desired.  I'm sure this is because I don't do it enough, but I'm now motivated to try some. 

Alison Glass with one of her "Fountain" reverse appliqué quilt from her book

Alison Glass with a partially finished Appliqué Quilt
The quilt in the photo below (the image is from literally took my breath away.  She held this one up too, but I was so taken with it, I didn't even get a good enough picture to share.  I couldn't find the pattern anywhere once I got home, so I emailed Alison directly to plead with her to help me find it.  She was incredibly kind and gracious (as usual) and told me that her plan was to have it available by late April or May.  I will be making this one for sure.

Image taken from of an appliqué quilt pattern coming this spring

The full day class that I took was an Improv Pineapple quilt with Heather Jones.  This was her quilt made with the Denyse Schmidt solids box for the Modern Solids Traditional Inspiration Quilt Challenge.  It is just so beautiful in person and the photo doesn't nearly do it justice.  This is the technique she taught. 

Like appliqué, improv is not something I'm comfortable with, which is why I took the class (besides the fact that I LOVE Heather's work).  It was big stretch for me to cut a quilt with no rulers.  Heather teaches you how to make what resembles a traditional pineapple block using strips and triangles.  If you're interested, she has this class available on Creativebug as well.

Heather Jones Improv Pineapple Quilt
This is the design wall with the student examples.  As you can see, no two are alike and the look, while similar in style, is actually really varied.  The twisty block, third from the top in the far left row...yeah, that's mine.  It is the perfect embodiment of my linear thinker right brain fighting wildly against the left brain, creative draw to make something imperfect.  Push.  Pull.  I got a crazy twist that I probably couldn't do again if I tried.

Student Improv Pineapple work
A few of the students in the class were experienced Improv piecers.  Check our their amazing fussy cut centers and cool mix of patterns and colors.  The one red triangle in the lower right block just knocked my socks off.  It looked so cool and unexpected to me.

Student Improv Pineapple with Fussy Cut Centers

As soon as I got home from QuiltCon, the next morning, I finished my blocks and sewed them together.  I'm leaving this only four blocks because I want to hang it on my sewing room wall to remind me to loosen up a little.  Relax.  Enjoy the process.

My Improv Pineapple wth green solid and a Denyse Schmidt Shelbourne Falls navy print

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

QuiltCon West 2016 - Pasadena

I signed up for QuiltCon West 2016 last June.  It seemed so far away at the time.  And here I am, home, and feeling like it passed by in a blur.  

I tried to take advantage of as much of the event as I could while I was there.  I went to lectures, demos, and classes.  I walked the show (twice) and of course, I shopped.  But I also connected with SO many other quilters.  Made new friends, and had lunch one friend I hadn't seen in something like 5 years.  It.was.awesome.

I am going to do a separate post about the classes I took, but the show was amazing.  These photos are not nearly all of them, and I realize that ones I took of Melissa Averinos' "Best in Show" quilt, are on my phone, so those will have to come another time as well.

This is intended to be eye-candy for those who couldn't attend.  I'm sure you've seen lots of them already on Instagram or Twitter, but these are the ones that called to me to have their pictures taken.


Amazing hexy quilt by Nicole Daksiewicz - of Modern Handcraft fame

2nd place winner - Double Wedding Ring - Tara Faughnah

First place winner - Handwork - Places Unfold by Heidi Parkes

Amazing Carolyn Friedlander "Everglade"

BRAND NEW Jungle Abstractions quilt by Violet Craft - elephant

Jungle Abstractions Quilt by Violet Craft - giraffe - this is on my "must make" list

Jungle Abstractions by Violet Craft - Lion, in a very cool alternative color-way

MY FAVORITE FOR THE WHOLE SHOW - the colors, the plaid, it's perfect

Amazing mermaid dress in the Michael Miller booth

Entry in the Charity Quilt challenge

Entry in the Charity Quilt challenge

Entry in the Charity Quilt challenge - Love this one, structured, but obviously improv

Better Together by Laura West Kong, won a judges choice award and 3rd in the Michael Miller challenge

EZ Triangle Challenge - 1st Place winner - Mickey Beebe

EZ Triangle challenge - 2nd place "Catnado" (the tornado is all cats!) - Karen Duling

Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill's (Whole Circle Studio - she had FIVE quilts in the show!) entry in the Michael Miller challenge

3rd place - Pieceing - Diamonds #2 - Tara Faughnan

Piecing - 2nd Place - Pointed Statement by Amy Friend

One of the smaller number of quilts with a strong color (not black or white) background

Piecing - 1st place -Under the Radar by Corinne Sovey

My absolutel favorite palatte!  Navy, orange and grey!

Forest Abstractions by Violet Craft

1st Place - Modern Traditionalism - Whimsical Logs - Letitia Chung

Kim Kight taking a photo of a quilt using her Scorecard Fabric from her Lucky Strike line

Berry Hunt by Elisa Sims Albury - this is the modern bear paw quilt in Michele Muska's Quilting the New Classics

Version of a scrappy trip-a-along

SO LOVE the use of Alison Glass' Handcrafted line in this quilt

Not a lot of bright yellow in the show so this really stood out