Sunday, November 27, 2016

Do you like scrappy or do you like order?

I have a dilemma.  I've had these 128 HSTs that were saved as the cut aways from another project.  When I made the quilt, I (and this NEVER happens) had the presence of mind to save the castaways and sew them together.  It's been a while...they have been sitting among the precuts in my stash for close to 18 months.  But they keep calling to me.  And I want to actually make something with them.'

There are 8 prints from a Joel Dewberry line called Modern Meadow, and this great teal/turquoise linen.  

8 different prints, 16 of each
I figured out that I have 16 of each print, which is serious coincidence, or luck or something like that. So I decided I love this diamond ring block and I have enough of each print to make 8 blocks like this.

16 HSTs make one block
BUT, they can also be laid out with a scrappy look, using two of each print for the 16 pieces needed.

Scrappy version

Here's the thing, I think I like the scrappy better, but the linear thinker in me is kind of into the whole blocks in each print.

What would you do???

Saturday, November 19, 2016

2016 Denyse Schmidt Studio Sale

Denyse Schmidt's Studio sale was last weekend, and I was actually able to make it there!  I have wanted to go for years, and it did not disappoint.

It was set up beautifully, and of course, I pretty much wanted to buy everything.  The President of my MQG had helped to set up for the sale and told us about all of the amazing things she helped pull together.

There were some original quilts for sale, patterns, books, and of course, fabric.  The displays were simple, but so appealing, like these bundles set up in a vintage suitcase.

Presentation was lovely!

This is a wider shot of what the tables of fabric looked like.  Everything was tied with little bits of ribbon or strips of fabric. There were all of her different lines, some odd end of bolts and even solids you can see behind the suitcase.

I wanted to take home everything!
I got one bundle, I am super into lime and navy these days, of course my perennial favorite orange, and yes, that is almost a full bolt of slate grey.  It was 12 yards for something like $35.  I was NOT about to leave that behind.

My treasures