Saturday, May 5, 2012

Car Garbage Bag - One Yard Wonders Pleases Again

The reason I can post these pictures is because my mother-in-law doesn't have internet access. Or a smart phone. But she does have a car. So for Mother's Day I made her this super handy, super cute garbage bag for her car. And it won't ruin the surprise because she won't see it early!

This is the page from One Yard Wonders showing the pattern. Gotta love the dog in the background.

Overall, it was blissfully easy to complete. A total of one hour of sewing, 10 minutes of cutting, and a $2.29 buckle from JoAnn later...I had this!!

The main bag is Jennifer Paganelli (a.k.a. SisBoom) Honey Child, and the trim is Sandi Henderson Farmer's Market. Both from my stash, which pleases me to no end. (Read: Excuse to go buy something to replace them!) This is a close up of the box stitching to hold the handles in securely. Not that she'll be putting rocks in here or anything, but sturdy is good.

The back lays nice and smooth, to hang against the back of the passenger seat.

Now for the drama!! When I was sewing the straps, I was leaning in close to be sure I was making a nice straight line. And SNAP!! The needle broke into 3 pieces and one hit my forehead. DOH! I was actually pretty shaken, it was WAY too close to my eyes for comfort. Note to self...when setting the needle into many layers for the first stitch...look away or at least lean back!

Have you had any sewing injuries??? Yikes!

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