Monday, October 15, 2012

Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Designer BOM #5 - Quilting Crack

I have decided that these Mystery Designer BOM's from Fat Quarter Shop are worse than any sweets that I might be drawn to.  And I LIKE sweets.  When these arrive in my mailbox, I literally think about them obsessively until I finish them.  This month was no exception.

It arrived on Saturday, late afternoon, and I finished it first thing this morning.

What I like the most about this block, is that while I was making it, I didn't even SEE the lighter shaded square in the center.  I was so focused on the flying geese that I didn't notice the subtler "internal" shapes.  It really shows up nicely in the picture.

I'm going to have to ask Santa for the finishing kit and the backing.  I should have finished block 8 by then!

I am working on two other projects now that both got pushed aside for this block.  I'm finishing up the quilting and binding on the second Square Dance quilt, and I'm piecing the top for ANOTHER baby quilt.  An additional challenge is that BOTH babies arrived early, and are now here on Earth, live and in person, and neither of their quilts are finished yet!  

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