Sunday, July 8, 2012

Great UFO Find! Already cut gift bags

Found already cut in my UFO box today, were two more of Monica Solorio-Snow's (AKA Happy Zombie) little gift bags from a 2010 Issue of Better Homes and Gardens Quilts and more (see them in the upper right corner of the cover of the magazine?). So, I quick sewed them up today. I've made these before, and blogged about them before...but they are SO perfect for gift giving.

They are the perfect size for gift cards, or a small box with a pair of earrings or some other wonderful trinket. Every time I give these out people love them.

This is the little devil that lays on all of my sewing. If I leave ANYTHING uncovered, she will find it, and claim as her personal spot to get cozy. My husband takes the best pictures...this perfectly capture's Hannah's haughty "I'm a cat and I'll do what I want thank-you-very-much" look.

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