Saturday, July 7, 2012

Super Quick & Easy Passport Cover

Lucky me...I am going on vacation later this month, and I need to bring my passport. I was flipping through an issue of Simple Quilts & Sewing that I bought and saw this quick and easy passport cover that I had forgotten was in the magazine. Stash examining ensued.

This was my SECOND finished version. Thank god, they were was quick and it was easy, however...

The pattern came from this magazine...

and this shows the cover and some great luggage tags I have yet to try.

The directions were clear, however, the sizing was off. I was VERY careful to keep my seams to exactly 1/4", but the first cover I made was too short! I said 10", and when you take the 1" from each side that you fold over to make page holders, there just wasn't enough room. I remade it with 10 1/2" length, and it JUST barely fit. I put it under some heavy books thinking the fabric will stretch a bit and not be so tight in a few days.

(see the 1" folded over part holding the cover)

I'm pretty sure that all passports are the same size, so you for sure need at least the extra 1/2".

So for pluses with this took 15 minutes, total (for EACH one) and it does really spruce up a boring passport. It will for sure make it easier to find in my purse. Also, the fabric requirements are minimal and you can likely make a few from scraps you have in your scrap box.

My question to you is this...if you find an error in a pattern, magazine or you write? email? I'd love to hear if you do.

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